HIring a Professional to Move a Piano is a Smart Idea

Moving a piano bench is quite simple but for most people who own pianos when it comes to moving their most prized possession and getting it moved without damage you will want to consult a professional.

Pianos are extremely heavy and awkwardly shaped which makes moving them difficult. They can also add injury to the person moving them or damage to the piano.  Moving a piano calls for an experienced professional and special equipment.  You will find also that many household movers will not  move a piano and will not include it in their quotes.

If you are just wanting to move the piano around a room or from one room to another – this is fairly simple and can be done by assembling a  small  group of friends.  But you will need to make sure you have studied up on how to effectively move a piano before starting at the task.

Besides protecting yourself from injury liabilities and reducing the odds of your piano or home being damaged, hiring a mover is also important because pianos a very heavy.  A full-size upright piano can weigh over seven hundred pounds.  A grand piano can be even heavier.

When a professional is used to move a piano, the piano to be moved is placed on a special skid called the piano board.  Then the mover will strap quilts on the piano.  This is done to protect the piano from any accidental damages. When the piano has to be moved along an even surface, it is usually placed on a small platform with wheels called a dolly and then rolled.  If it needs to be moved up or down a stairway, the dolly is removed and the piano is slid slowly up or down the steps in a controlled manner. Ramps are usually utilized for moving and lifting the piano onto a truck.